I Represent You

My priority is to build a strong and stable future for the next generation. I have never built any project alone. No construction project that I have ever been on has been built without a plan and a set of blueprints. It was always done through a team effort, involving many different trades, talents, ideas and personalities.

Virtually, every special interest group has political action committees who help elect sympathetic candidates making sure their voices are heard. To the residents of the 26 th District, you are my special interest group.

Unlike many of our other elected officials, representing the voters of the 26th District will be my full-time job. With that in mind, these are my top priorities:

1) To be a lobbyist for working families.
2) I will always be available to hear your concerns
3) I will fight for higher wages and strong benefits
4) I will make sure our public schools have the resources to help our children thrive
5) I will fight to fund Skilled Trades Training.
6) I will push for environmentally responsible development.